Arthur L. White Jr.

Senior Pastor

Hi, I am the Pastor of the World Deliverance Missionary Evangelistic Center.  Don’t ask, it is a long story how we came about that name.  Let it rest.  For short say WDMEC or the Center. Maybe you will sleep tonight.

My first choice of careers in life was to become a programmer, which I completed and then become a Funeral Director.  It did not happen.  Instead of an undertaker I became an Uppertaker. Funny but true.

My Family:

Cynthia and I attended school together, became high school sweethearts, graduated in 69′ and was married Saturday, November 13,1971.  You do the math.  We are a family of five: Arthur, Richard, Josh, Solomon, and Wanda.


 B. S. in Computer Science  from Jones Business College, Jacksonville, Florida; Never became the Funeral Director;  Doctor of Divinity from United Christian International Bible Academy under Rev. H. Richard Hall; B.A. and H.F. under God’s Bible College.


 Former Area Advisor for the South Florida Women Aglow, served as Vice President of the Miami Job Partnership for churches, business/community representative to Corporate Academy North EESAC.

Interests and Favorites:
  • Color:  Blue
  • Books:  Books on Leadership (Damazio, Maxwell), Purpose (Warren, Munroe) Building Character (Gothard). I love the “How to” books
  • Movies:  Anything with Action Adventure, War Movies, little bit of sword playing and lots of kicking and punching, I am good to go.  I also pick up this liking for African Movies, wow, $5 for 4 hours of movie time.
  • Hobbies:  Family Genealogy, planning family reunions.
  • Pastime:   Love Royal Caribbean cruises with Cynthia.
  • Faith Scripture:  Psalms 118:17  I didn’t die. But live! And now I’m telling the world what God did. (TMSG)