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healing and deliverance0December 1, 2018Details
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Please Pray For Me1August 29, 2018Details

healing and deliverance

you prayed for evet she had sciatic nerve pain in her right leg in july 2018 it lasted 3 mos she now has pain in het neck extended to her back more paiin on right side neck feels broke rt leg pain re ocurring she believes its from sciatic nerv pain she is stressed from her friend eugene who suffers frm anxiety/depressn he has t wrk over 20 yrs and fearful of get job he has problem communicating with people in levels of authority he and his sister suffer same and are scheduled to be evicted by the marshals dec 6-2018 they were told tht judge mundy will not give an extension several people have offered to write letter to court request sxtension if God dont give them favor they will. be homeless in ny. eugene wants to settle down get married to evet start family however evet lost both her parents few yrs ago then immed lost her period so very likely she cant have kids unless God grants her a miracle eugene has. no plan to work his anxiety is crippling having him fearful and he is dreaming if he thinks he can get married and not be a provider and he is stressing evet there are many things he can do even if he wrks independently as network marketing. please pray for eugene that God give him direction his sister just found job but they dont have con tacts/resouces necessary to find housing


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