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Pray for Relationships0September 21, 2020Details
No fear of God0September 16, 2020Details
Finances1August 31, 2020Details
Healing and Debt1July 9, 2020Details
I need my body and thyroid healed1June 4, 2020Details
Pray for my wife vennila2April 16, 2020Details
Deliverance4my bksld daug danele3March 11, 2020Details
Addiction 2February 23, 2020Details
marriage breakthrough2February 17, 2020Details
reconcilitation1February 10, 2020Details
evangelism2February 8, 2020Details
Freedom 2February 3, 2020Details

Pray for Relationships

Kenneth Wilson
Pray for world health for divine health. Pray for all of my New relationships. I have cried some many times because of hurtful things in my relationship with my neighbor.  Pray for my relationship with my next door neighbor for our relationship to grow stronger and better than it has ever been. Help us draw closer together than ever before. Pray that we won't break apart for our love to be better than ever and her behavior and choices.  Also pray for a miracle for our relationship to be more intimate. Pray for how my neighbor has treated me and how to love me more than before. Pray that nothing and no one will tear us apart. Pray for pulling down the strongholds and soul ties in her life. Stop all the wrongful and hurtful things that have been destroying our relationship. Set my neighbor free from the world of the enemy, from bad company and influences, from soul ties, and the things of the world. Pray that my neighbor won’t leave me and to bring us together each day. Pray for restoration of what we had together and to bring our hearts together.  Pray for my neighbor and her whole family for deliverance from any wickedness and rebellion, salvation also draws closer together to do things the godly way. Pray for my neighbor's brother, cousins, and others.  Pray for my brother in Christ for his relationship with his children’s mother for restoration as well. Pray for the children and teenagers at the school and in the community that come from a dysfunctional for deliverance from wickedness and rebellion. Pray for salvation for family members for deliverance for addiction and to turn their life around. Pray for Myself.  

No fear of God

Please pray salvation4my bksld daug danele she contin get high drnk liquor like a fish play loud music try hard to get pregnant all day shes not wrkg she hs no frnds left just enablers she hs new boyfr he wrks ar corn store fam$$ he comes over late sleeps ov ths bec nitely ritual I wond is he try2move in he promis2tk her2church suns hv come& go they didn gt2church yet I pray tht God trnsf hs job far away2end ths fornication my daug do ths delib bec my chrst brot forbid her do ths she Hope's he wl see her boyf whn he comes n late&lv her rm n morn her boyf is her puppet he does w/rev she wants the try2gt my brot hart attk wht my daug do cld gt me evictd please pray I'm nt evictd ths is a jezebel spirit tht try2tk ov my apt by thm they hv no fear of God I knw tht God not go2allw thm2contin play house& fornicating


Crystal Vines
Please pray I will find a job soon and be able to sleep at night

Healing and Debt

Phil Chavez
Please Pray Healing for Hearing loss, Memory, Bad Posture, Body Pain, Blood Pressure and others )Pray Excellent health from head to toe and long life for Lorraine Chavez now in Jesus Name. Pray Debt be gone from Lorraine Chavez in Jesus Name. Lorraine Chavez Possessions(House,Cars,Appliances Ext.) last a 100 times longer and become newer each day now in Jesus Name. I pray for Lorraine Chavez. And Please Pray Excellent health from head to toe and long life for my uncle Seve Chacon.

I need my body and thyroid healed

Shereese Clark
I need god to healed my thyroid and my whole body stop pain and pain in my back

Pray for my wife vennila

Suresh david
Kindly pray for us to united soon. With tears, I S.Suresh Kumar David and Vennila (DOB 4.04.1992 ) lived happiely for more that 5 years. We dont have any misunderstanding. Her parents has given some stuff by intake and make her to change the mind. I request to pray for vennila to make that intake stuff vanish in the name of jesus. Vennila mind has been blocked totally not even regonize me. Kindly pray for vennila and he should get heal and we should united soon. I am from chennai, india.

Deliverance4my bksld daug danele

Plz pray4my bksld daug danele who from sun up to sun dwn 24-7in/out all day/note get high smoking vaping marijuana (whc sends strong fumes throut my apt/bldg lv perm odor )the frnds who visit her eith do same or enabling her wht she do hs caus few episodes of her attk fam memb thn turn house upside dw thn tk thngs tht dont belong2her thrw it away wht she do cld caus me to get evict or me & my broth to lose our jobs bec of her behav I pray tht God force her in rehab bf it's to late she hs no fear of God


Kathleen Henderson
For joni deliverance from alchohol bitterness bipolar Facebook anger too be faithful too her husband too treat him with love respect. For ashley healing renewed steadfast sipirit

marriage breakthrough

marriage breakthrough and deliverance from spirit spouse/incubus


please pray for Damianus aditya and myself. I have been waiting for reconciliation and to forgive each other, peaces for me and him, I have been struggling with pain. You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner, in suffering and disappointments. I come with a broken heart, his heart so hard, he doesn't respond to anything. Father, please soften and touch Damianus aditya christie heart and the people around him for me. I can't touch his heart, his family considered my poverty, making me unequal to them. i know that prayer is a powerful thing. Without Your graces, we cannot accomplish anything. only God can change people's hearts. only you are God the only place I complain, only you god where I pour out my heart, god i'm desperate, please help meplease help me face things that are beyond my capabilities. because God, You have power to help me. he still avoids me, I really need a miracle, thank you


pr Mose Ombega
Receive warm regards in the name of Jesus Christ our savior and only hope. I am Pr. Mose from East Africa doing evangelism thus requesting you for prayers so that I can be kept filled with the Holy spirit as I demolish the alters of darkness and establish those of light. Please remember also the team of evangelists with me on this mission too. I found that your teaching are full of truth and light and request your permission to use them for this mission as we do lack proper materials to use. I will be blessed if you give us the permission. thanks you in advance and may God continue Blessing you. Pr. Mose Kenya East Africa.


Please pray for me to be free from oppression, sexual violation, interferring and stupor in life. Please pray for financial breakthrough too. Thanks a lot
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